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Spotify is expanding into Connected TV by bringing video ads to the Spotify app on the Roku platform.

The Spotify app has been available on Roku devices for more than a decade and Spotify's ‘Video Takeover’ ads, 已经达到了 5.51亿人 手机流媒体音乐, tablet, 桌面设备, 不久将包括闭路电视, 从Roku平台开始.

“In terms of a consumption method using a TV to listen to music is still relatively small [the primary device is the mobile phone] but there is definitely a good audience that Spotify can reach,” Craig Armer, Kantar全球战略洞察总监, 告诉流媒体.

Kantar research finds that 16% of people streaming film and TV in the US are using a Roku stick – that’s huge number of users. And only third of Roku users are using Spotify- meaning the music streamer have a potentially massive group to tap into.

“We’ve seen free trials are a popular driver for people to try services for the first time so this could unlock a new audience for Spotify,” says Armer.

Alison Levin, VP, 负责Roku的广告收入和营销解决方案, 在声明中说, “Roku and Spotify are uniquely positioned to make the largest screen in the home work harder for brands.”

在Spotify的5.51亿月度用户中美国有2.2亿用户 but despite generating $12.4 billion revenue in 2022, a 21% increase year-on-year, it posted a $248 million loss. The service has 从未公布过净利润.

“Platforms like Netflix and Disney+ tell us that that people on ad tiers generate more revenue per user than those on those on ad-free tiers,” Armer says. “显然,Spotify的广告层是免费使用的,但它确实引入了一个 首次适度提价 1美元涨到10美元.99 for those with an individual plan in the US) for those that are paying and this has not affected the overall number of subscribers so that should yield higher revenue.”

Video ads will begin alpha testing this month, with additional markets following. In the future, more video ad products, such as video podcast ads, will be added. 播客广告支出的年增长率为 在美国,这一比例为19%.S. (or six percentage points faster than other digital ad spending growth rates)—and an astonishing 60%在欧洲.

The deal with Roku is the inaugural step in launching a Spotify CTV Partner Network. Ad Age expect CTV ad spending to grow 21% this year to $25 billion in the US and $40.到2027年,它将成为增长最快的广告行业之一. Spotify和Roku将共同负责销售库存, 但没有透露收入将如何分配.

Spotify广告业务发展主管艾玛·沃恩 told Ad Age, “CTV is essentially the highest growth category for where advertisers are spending and where the eyeballs are.”

与CTV提供商合作,Spotify可以利用不断增长的支出, but it also factors into Spotify’s plan to create an advertising stack that lets advertisers target users using Spotify on various platforms.

“梦想无处不在。” she added. “We’re going to bring the Spotify experience with all of these new consumer and advertising products to every point of consumption.”

Spotify reported a $41m hit on podcasts in the second quarter and has made heavy cutbacks in the division, 解雇数百名员工, after spending $1bn (£830m) on the format for creators including Meghan Markle, 奥巴马和乔·罗根.

如今,它已转向专注于有声读物, making 150000 titles available as part of the subs package to members in Australia and the UK.

Until now, 用户可以单独购买游戏, with Spotify directing downloads through its own website due to an ongoing row with Apple over fees on in-app purchases.

The update means paying subscribers will be entitled to 15 hours free each month, 大致相当于两本平均长度的有声书.

“Expanding further into audiobooks means Spotify is having to navigate different content types and make sure people can still discover new music,” says Amer. “We think that user satisfaction with Spotify dipped 18 months ago but over the last 6 months is has been improving ways to serve up music recommendations and discovery.”

的确,在最近 Music On Demand report Kantar found that Spotify remains the largest music streaming service by a significant margin, 面对来自亚马逊的威胁, Apple, and YouTube.

It attributes its success in part to strong word-of-mouth marketing “driven by exceptionally high satisfaction levels among current paid subscribers,” says Armer. “Notably, Spotify最近的创新集中在增强音乐发现上, 而不是像最近几年那样优先考虑播客和有声读物.”

“Some of the most important features that people want in a music service involve being able to create playlists and get decent music suggestions based on their music habits. 在这些功能方面,Spotify一直处于领先地位. 他们在用户中的满意度总是高于竞争对手.”

这得益于它使用人工智能来建立和增加用户粘性. 这包括 AI DJ 该功能于今年早些时候在北美推出,目前已推广到 50个全球市场.

The AI DJ uses OpenAI’s Generative AI and an AI-generated voice built using 2022年收购Sonantic to curate a personalised selection of music combined with spoken commentary to emulate the feeling of a live radio station complete with running commentary.

据报道 Spotify现在似乎正在开发人工智能播放列表. References discovered in the app's code indicate the company may be developing generative AI playlists users could create using prompts.


In the UK specifically Kantar found that TikTok rates highly (26%) among Gen Z for discovering new artists. In terms of overall listening habits Gen Z are more likely to be using music services generally and to pay for the experience.

“This group are the most engaged with music and the ones most willing to pay. 这意味着他们自然倾向于Spotify. Older age groups are likely to be using more free tiers and more likely to have a wider range of services. 亚马逊在55岁以上人群中占有更大的比重, for example, 苹果音乐在35-54岁年龄段的用户最多, 那些拥有更多可支配收入的人.”

不像更饱和的视频市场, 整个音乐流媒体行业有相当大的增长空间. “When 33%的家庭订阅了视频点播服务, 比如Netflix或Disney+, 还是不要用数字流媒体播放音乐, that represents 这是音乐服务扩张的巨大机遇,” Armer says. ““Realising this untapped potential is critical to drive both incremental growth for music services and the expansion of the entire digital music industry. Platforms need to make their offer more appealing to older age groups which is where most of that headroom is.”

这只是着眼于澳大利亚、美国和欧洲等“西方”市场. Spotify还将把目光投向拉丁美洲和亚洲市场.

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